some of the best times on two of the finest stages.

 We had an amazing gig at Cropredy, the stars lined up and it was an utter joy from start to finish.

It really is one the best festivals in the world for artists, great hospitality, dressing rooms, backstage facilities and the best crew and sound.

Simon Yorath was in charge of the out front sound so we were in great hands and it went off without a hitch. the crowd sang, danced and cheered and the 75 minute set flew by.

we then sat and signed cds for 90 minutes meeting a greeting all the wonderful festival goers, both steadfast fans and hundreds of new ones, what a blast. 

Thanks to all the extended Fairport family for having us , we loved it!

We have had an overwhelming response from people following our Cropredy appearance, thank you so much for your kind words, it really does mean a lot to us.

here are some of your comments.

A couple of weeks later and we found ourselves at another incredible festival, Shrewsbury!

Again, wonderful festival, crowds and fantastic response.


"The highlight of the whole weekend. You took me to church with your heavenly vocals"



"Saw you all on stage at Cropredy and thought you were amazing!"



"You were BRILLIANT! We saw you at Cropredy. A breath of fresh air and totally inspirational! You brought laughter and tears.

I/we look forward to seeing and hearing you again - very soon!"



"Best voices at Cropredy,! Made our day on Saturday."



"My wife Petra and I heard you at Cropredy yesterday. You ladies rose the spirits of the earth and moved the rolling sky! Pure heartfelt beauty, a delight to listen to you. We didn’t know about you before, grasped all 3 of your records and will purchase the new one when it‘s released. Please let us know! Bless you!"



"You were the best band at Fairport's Cropredy Convention 2019"



"Thank you immensely for the joyous, uplifting cropredy set (+radio oxford slot)"



"Thought you were the best act we have seen over this weekend at Cropredy. Stunning vocals and a great mix of styles. Would love to see you again if you are touring. Thank you for a great time today."



"Loved your set at Cropredy. So great to see you all enjoying life. Power to the ladies."



"First time I've seen you live (usually You Tube) great gig, great songs, awesome harmonies, what voices, you blew us away!! thanks. I'll be checking on future gigs."


Please note, we will never share your contact information with anyone, thanks for your support, DF.