Daphne's Flight 'Live'


 Will be on sale at gigs during their September tour this year and on-line from the 1st September. Keep watching for up-dates.

Track list


1 Tree Of Life

2 How Glad I Am

3 No One Knows His Name

4 Shipbuilding

5 Split

6 Over And Over

7 Another Year Another Day

8 Gone

9 The Calling

10 Guilty

11 From The Heart

12 Heart Of Stone

13 Out Of Left Field

14 Goddess Of Man

15 Pride

16 Father Adieu

Tree Of life
The Calling
Out Of Left Field
Lay Fallow
Goddess Of Man
Count Me In
Let My Ship Come Sail In
Ain't No Sunshine
Another Year Another day
The Calling
Over and Over

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