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Hello everybody and a very happy new year to you all.

We hope it will be filled with love, health, happiness and very much live music!

We are sad to announce that Christine Collister will not be touring with us in 2022 (see personal statement below) but we are delighted that the immensely talented Miranda Sykes will be joining us, beginning an exciting new chapter for Daphne’s Flight.

We look forward to launching this new incarnation in the spring. Check out the dates here!


A personal statement from Christine

“For very personal reasons and with a heavy heart I am unable to join Daphne’s Flight for the rescheduled tour in Spring 2022. My dearest friends and colleagues in Daphne’s know they have my utmost love and respect, and my unconditional acceptance of any future incarnation of Daphne’s Flight.  I wish them only wonderful things! Thank you all  for your understanding and support. I have nothing else to add to the statement but please rest assured that I am perfectly well and healthy and wish Daphne's a truly wonderful tour!”